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MCC 法律条款
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  • RoHS
Measurement Computing 隐私政策
Measurement Computing wants visitors to its Web site to feel comfortable that we are only collecting necessary information, and that we will store this information in a secure manner. Additionally, Measurement Computing wants to assure Internet visitors that their information will not be misused via widespread dissemination or resale. Finally, visitors to our Web site may contact Measurement Computing for information on, or adjustments to, any personal data that we have collected.

What information is being collected:
Web sites owned and maintained by Measurement Computing its parent company, or affiliates may use cookies in connection with downloading information, registering product, or e-commerce transactions. Our cookies never contain your credit card information. We do use cookies to evaluate Web site performance, product activity, marketing effectiveness, and users interest. Visitors may configure their browsers to reject cookies, but doing so will disable some Web site features or pages. Cookies may also be deleted after each visit. To increase user satisfaction by limiting repeated registrations, cookies are valid for only 90 days from the last visit prior to automatic expiration.

Information, Literature, and Product Request Forms
Measurement Computing Web sites include forms that visitors can use to request literature and information. Use of these forms is voluntary; individuals who do not want Measurement Computing to collect such information should not submit the forms. Measurement Computing collects the information in the forms to fulfill the literature and information requests to the visitors. Measurement Computing may also use this information periodically to contact the visitors with product information and special offers. If you do not want to be contacted periodically for these purposes, please send an email to and request that we not contact you in the future.

Measurement Computing may share your contact information with our representatives and distributors so that they, as agents of Measurement Computing, may contact you about your interest in Measurement Computing products. Measurement Computing will not share your information with any third parties. We do not sell or trade mailing lists, so you will not be contacted by other organizations about other products and services.

When a person submits a form, Measurement Computing may attempt to determine, via IP correlation, what key word(s), if any, that person entered into a search engine to find the Measurement Computing site.

Geographic Information
Measurement Computing may determine the geographic location of a visitor to ensure that the visitor receives correct pricing and purchase information for his or her country.

Aggregate Data
Measurement Computing may compile data concerning visitors’ locations, browsers, frequency of visits, ISPs, etc., to study usage patterns on Measurement Computing Web sites. This information is examined only in the aggregate, and is not used to identify any individual visitor unless that visitor has voluntarily submitted information to Measurement Computing.

Data Security
Measurement Computing is committed to data security. Literature and information requests are processed daily, so visitor information is quickly removed from Measurement Computing Web servers. E-commerce orders are typically placed via a secure server and processed promptly. Personal and transaction data are not aggregated on Measurement Computing Web servers. Data collected on the Web are either imported to our internal databases electronically, or through careful manual entry, to ensure the quality of submitted data. Our internal databases are shielded from the Internet via firewalls and other security measures, preventing even casual access from unauthorized individuals.

Contact Measurement Computing
If you believe there is an error in your personal data in Measurement Computing databases, or you do not wish to be contacted periodically by Measurement Computing, please contact If you have additional questions or concerns about Measurement Computing’s Internet Privacy Policy, please contact:

Measurement Computing
10 Commerce Way
Norton, MA 02766
Phone: 508-946-5100

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Measurement Computing Corporation, IOtech, Out-of-the-Box, ChartView, DaqBoard, DaqBoard/1000, DaqBoard/1005, DaqBoard/2000, DaqBoard/2001, DaqBoard/2005, DaqBoard/3000, DaqBoard/3001, DaqBoard/3005, DaqBoard/3006, DaqBoard/3001USB, DaqBoard/3005USB, DaqBoard/3031USB, DaqBoard/3035USB, DaqBook, DaqBook/2000, DaqBook/2001, DaqBook/2005, DaqBook/2020, DaqBook/3000USB, DaqCOM, DaqLab, DaqLab/2000, DaqLab/2001, DaqLab/2005, DaqOEM, DaqOEM/2001, DaqOEM/2005, DaqScan, DaqScan/2000, DaqScan/2001, DaqScan/2005, DaqTemp14A, DaqView, DBK1, DBK2, DBK4, DBK5, DBK7, DBK8, DBK9, DBK10, DBK11A, DBK15, DBK16, DBK17, DBK18, DBK20, DBK21, DBK23, DBK24, DBK25, DBK30A, DBK32A, DBK34A, DBK40, DBK41, DBK42, DBK43A, DBK44, DBK45, DBK46, DBK48, DBK50, DBK51, DBK55, DBK60, DBK65, DBK70, DBK80, DBK81, DBK82, DBK83, DBK84, DBK85, DBK90, DBK200, DBK202, DBK203A, DBK206, DBK207, DBK207/CJC, DBK208, DBK209, DBK210, DBK213, DBK214, DBK215, DBK601, DBK602, DBK604, DBK605, DBK606, DBK607, DBK608, Digital488/80A, Exp/10A, Exp/11A, eZ-Analyst, eZ-Balance, eZ-NDT, eZ-TOMAS, HVCX1, Isolator488, LBK1, LogBook/300, LogBook/360, LogBook/GPS, LogBook/Modem, LogView, MEMX4, MEMX7, MHV/24X, Micro488A, Micro488/p, MTC/24, MultiScan/1200, NDTHammer1, NDTMansys, NDTRelay2, PDQ1, PDQ2, PDQ10, PDQ11, PDQ12, PDQ30, Personal Daq/54, Personal Daq/55, Personal Daq/56, Personal Daq/3000, Personal Daq/3001, Personal Daq/3005, Personal DaqView, PidPRO, PlotterX Plus, PostView, Serial488A, Serial488/4, StrainBook/616, TempScan/1100, TempRTD/16B, TempV/32B, TempTC/32B, TracerDAQ, TracerDAQ PRO, Universal Library, ViewXL, WaveBook, WaveBook/512A, WaveBook/516A, WaveBook/516E, WaveView, WBK10A, WBK11A, WBK12A, WBK13A, WBK15, WBK16, WBK16/SSH, WBK17, WBK18, WBK30, WBK40, WBK41,WBK61, WBK62, ZonicBook, ZonicBook/618E

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All other trademarks are the property of their respective holders.

Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice.
This World Wide Web Site copyright Measurement Computing Corporation © 2010. All Rights Reserved.


It is the policy of Measurement Computing Corporation to comply with all applicable import and export trade compliance laws and regulations, as well as other mandatory trade sanctions, in the countries in which Measurement Computing conducts business.

Measurement Computing’s standard products are designed for commercial applications and are subject to the jurisdiction of the U.S. Export Administration Regulations.  Some products are subject to export, or re-export, license requirements and additional end-use restrictions under U.S Export Administration Regulations.  Measurement Computing’s products may also be subject to additional license requirements of other countries’ regulations such as the European Union Council Regulations, Malaysian Strategic Trade Act, and so forth.  Customers are responsible for complying with all applicable export control laws prior to exporting or re-exporting Measurement Computing products.  In addition to a Return Material Authorization (RMA), an export license may be required prior to returning Measurement Computing products to Measurement Computing for repair, service, or calibration.  An RMA issued by Measurement Computing does not constitute an export authorization.

While Measurement Computing’s standard products are designed for commercial applications, Measurement Computing will work with our customers to ensure that any technical data controlled under the ITAR provided to Measurement Computing is properly handled.  Customers must notify Measurement Computing prior to providing any ITAR-controlled technical data in accordance with Measurement Computing’s ITAR Technology Control Plan.  Measurement Computing’s ITAR Technology Control Plan will be provided to customers upon request.  Measurement Computing fully understands its obligations to comply with the requirements of the ITAR. 

Diversion contrary to U.S., E.U., Malaysian, or other applicable export laws is strictly prohibited.

Measurement Computing reserves the right not to ship Measurement Computing products ordered if, at any time, Measurement Computing believes that such shipment may violate U.S., E.U., Malaysian export control laws or Measurement Computing’s internal export control policies.

Questions may be directed to Measurement Computing’s Trade Compliance Department
(e.g. HS Codes, ECCNs, Country of Origin):

1 (512) 683-6010

Restrictions on Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Compliance

PDFView MCC RoHS Compliant Hardware.

MCC Position Statement on Lead-Free Products and RoHS
At Measurement Computing, we are committed to operate in an environmentally responsible manner and comply with applicable environmental regulations on or before the effective date. The European Union's Directive on Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic equipment (RoHS) which went into effect on July 1, 2006.

MCC products are Category 9 products
The WEEE Directive defines* each of 10 categories of electrical and electronic equipment in Annex 1. Category 9 is defined as follows:

"9. Monitoring and control instruments
Smoke detector
Heating regulators
Measuring, weighting, or adjusting appliances for household or as laboratory equipment
Other monitoring and control instruments used in industrial installations (e.g., in control panels)."

MCC Test, Measurement and Control products should therefore be classified within the WEEE/RoHS* category list as Monitoring and Control equipment (Category 9).

Category 9 products are excluded from the scope of the RoHS directive
The RoHS Directive defines the scope of restrictions in Article 2 as follows:

"1. Without prejudice to Article 6, this Directive shall apply to electrical and electronic equipment falling under the categories 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 10 set out in Annex IA to Directive No 2002/96/EC (WEEE) and to electric light bulbs, and luminaires in households."

Therefore, all Category 9 products are excluded from restrictions under the scope of the RoHS Directive.

*You can view the full text of the EU Directives here:
WEEE Directive
ROHS Directive

Note for OEMs
However, please note that any time an MCC products is incorporated into a system designed for sale by an OEM, the OEM customer is responsible for its own system compliance.

Contact us with concerns
Contact our Sales Department with questions regarding products not currently listed as RoHS compliant:

We continue to work proactively with our industry peers and suppliers to clarify standards and to find appropriate, feasible, and cost-effective ways to eliminate hazardous substances from our manufacturing processes and products.

We hope our response meets your needs. If you have a concern about hazardous materials in our products, please contact us at:
MCC Technical Support

We request that you provide specific information in order to address your request completely and accurately. Please provide the model or part number of the MCC product you are concerned with, together with the properties of the chemical and its specific applications that concern you. With this data we can better research and discuss options to meet your needs.