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Measurement Computing

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16 differential thermocouple input channels plus one CJC channel

Four programmable gain ranges

Resolution to 0.03 °C depends on conversion rate

Reads thermocouple types J, K, E, T, R, S, B

Conversion to °C or °F

Gain and offset automatically calibrated on each scan

Cold junction compensation on each scan

Overall conversion rate 4.6 to 22.2 ms

Provides 500 VDC isolation

Fully plug-and-play


TracerDAQ® software included for acquiring and displaying data and generating signals

Universal Library includes support for Visual Studio® and Visual Studio® .NET, including examples for Visual C++®, Visual C#®, Visual Basic®, and Visual Basic® .NET

Comprehensive drivers for DASYLab® and NI LabVIEW™

InstaCal software utility for installation, calibration, and testing

software Software and Driver Downloads


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PCI-DAS-TC PCI-based 16-channel, thermocouple measurement board plus one CJC channel
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USB-TC 基于USB的8通道热电偶输入器件
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DASYLab® LITE DASYLab精简版提供所有驱动程序、不含分析功能、包含有限的模块数和1个布局窗口
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DASYLab® BASIC DASYLab普通版提供所有驱动程序、所有标准模块(不提供信号分析和操作模块)和1个布局窗口
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DASYLab® FULL DASYLab完整版提供所有驱动程序、所有标准模块、200个布局窗口和控制定序器
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DASYLab® PRO DASYLab专业版提供所有驱动程序、DASYLab完整版版本,以及所有附加模块(无第三方模块)
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DASYLab® RUNTIME DASYLab Runtime允许您在另一台计算机上(硬件配置兼容)运行现有工作表应用程序
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DASYLab® UPD Basic DASYLab升级至最新的普通版许可证
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DASYLab® UPD Full DASYLab升级至最新的完整版许可证
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DASYLab® UPD Lite DASYLab升级至最新的精简版许可证
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DASYLab® UPD Pro DASYLab升级至最新的专业版许可证
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DASYLab® UPD RT DASYLab升级至最新的Runtime许可证
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TracerDAQ® Pro 开箱即用的虚拟仪器套件,集成带状图、示波器、函数发生器和速率发生器 – 专业版
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Product Reviews

Product Q & A

The frequency of the card

I have a computer with 4 PCI-DAS-TC. I acquired data and wrote them on excel every 30 minutes by using DDE output. For each card, the frequency is 25Hz and I have 16 samples/ block. But the system is too slow. I want to know what is the appropriate frequency to get my data fastly. Thanks.

Job Title: Project manager
Industry: Switchgear

20 months ago

Modsa86 Montreal

This is an older model with dual-port RAM. Your software can read the board as fast as it wants, but if read too fast, the data will repeat. If you are not already getting consecutive identical values (on the same channel) then simply read more often. Otherwise you could change the conversion rate (integration time) setting in InstaCal from 50Hz or 60 Hz to 400 Hz. This speeds up the sample rate, but the trade-off will be more noise.

20 months ago

Measurement Computing

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Measurement Computing's PCI-DAS-TC is a 16-channel thermocouple input board for use with PCI bus computers. An on-board microprocessor performs all system control as well as converting the raw analog input data into temperature. The board is based on a highly accurate and noise immune V/F based analog to digital converter.

The PCI-DAS-TC is shipped complete with a 5 foot shielded cable and a screw terminal board that has been developed specifically for thermocouple measurements. The screw terminal board has a built-in CJC sensor, an isothermal bar to assure that the screw terminals are at a constant temperature. The screw terminal board is mounted in an enclosure to minimize errors caused by local air currents or drafts.

Analog Input
Number of Channels: 16 DI
Gain: 1 , 125 , 166.7 , 400
TC Type
TC Type: B , E , J , K , R , S
Transducer Type: Thermocouple
Measurement Type
Measurement Type: Temperature , Thermocouple
Interface List
Interface: PCI
Included Software
TracerDAQ<sup>&reg;</sup> TracerDAQ® TracerDAQ是一款开箱即用的应用程序,允许安装Measurement Computing的数据采集硬件后数秒内即可生成、采集、分析、显示和导出数据。TracerDAQ经过彻底的重新设计,与之前的版本相比,具有显著的性能和特性改善。它已经能够提供4种不同的数据采集应用程序:带状图、示波器、函数发生器和速率发生器;这些应用程序均可通过通用、易于使用的菜单页访问。TracerDAQ是Measurement Computing的所有PCI和USB数据采集产品的标准配置,可让客户快速高效地启动和运行该产品。
InstaCal InstaCal 单个软件包中包括安装、校准和测试软件,可简化这些重要的步骤,将您的PC转变为测量系统。安装过程会检测新硬件并配置您的计算机和板卡。校准软件可将此关键步骤自动化,并保持测量的精确性。测试程序将验证所有板卡功能均在工作,并可快速提供解决方案。若有需要,可联系我们免费的技术支持。每块板卡均免费提供。
Universal Library Universal Library 编程库支持Windows® Visual Studio®编程语言等。它是完整的函数库,可简化配置并操作您的测量板卡。单一、通用的函数集可用于我们的全部产品,因此您只需学习一次如何使用我们的库。

ULx for NI LabVIEW&trade; ULx for NI LabVIEW™ 用于NI LabVIEW™ 2010 – 2016的高级驱动程序。采用Measurement Computing的硬件设备可快速开发仪器仪表、采集和控制应用程序
Optional Software
DASYLab<sup>&reg;</sup> 2016 Software DASYLab® 2016 Software 支持以交互式的方式开发基于PC的数据采集应用程序,只需简单地连接函数图标。DASYLab提供实时分析、控制和创建自定义图形用户界面(GUI)的能力。此外,与其他可能需要培训数周时间才能掌握的图形化编程环境相比,DASYLab易于上手。许多应用程序可在数分钟内完成配置,无需花费数天或数周。

TracerDAQ&reg; Pro TracerDAQ® Pro 提供四款虚拟仪器应用程序,安装Measurement Computing的数据采集硬件后几分钟时间内,即可以图形化的方式显示和存储输入数据(并生成输出信号)。该应用程序可让用户自定义外观、存储配置以便将来使用、以文件的方式保存数据以便导出,并通过使用交互式热点,可在应用程序运行时改变设置。