PCIe-DIO Series


PCI Express 24和96通道数字I/O板卡

PCIe-DIO Series



The PCIe-DIO Series digital boards are compatible with the PCI Express bus. Features include 24 or 96 DIO, selectable logic, high current output, and 82C55 mode 0 emulation. These devices provide easy migration from select PCI and ISA-based digital boards.

数字 I/O
通道数 计数器/定时器 编码器输入
24 或 96
软件 电源
操作系统支持 驱动 电源
Windows® and Linux® Universal Library™ SW Suite 总线供电

Part Number Description Qty
PCIe-DIO24 24通道、PCI Express (PCIe)总线兼容型数字I/O板卡
PCIe-DIO96H 96通道、高驱动、64 mA PCI Express (PCIe)数字I/O板卡
Signal Conditioning Options
CIO-ERB48 Electromechanical relay accessory, Form C, 4.3 A (SPDT) for DIO48, 96, and 192, 50-pin connector, 48 channels
    User's Manual User Manual   
CIO-SERB48 Electromechanical socketed relay accessory, Form C, 7.5 A (SPDT), for CIO-DIO48, 96, and 192, 50-pin connectors, 48 channels
    Data Sheet Data Sheet    User's Manual User Manual   
SSR-RACK08 Solid-state relay backplane (Gordos/OPTO-22 type relays), 8-channel
    User's Manual User Manual   
SSR-RACK24 Solid-state relay backplane (Gordos/OPTO-22 type relays), 24-channel
    User's Manual User Manual   
SSR-RACK48 Solid-state relay backplane (quad type relays) with 50-pin connectors, 48-channel (12 quads)
    User's Manual User Manual   
Accessories & Cables
C100FF-2 Cable, 50-conductor ribbon, 100-pin, high-density to two 50-pin IDC, 2 ft.
More Options...
C100FF-1 Cable, 50-conductor ribbon, 100-pin, high-density to two 50-pin IDC, 1 ft.
C100FF-10 Cable, 50-conductor ribbon, 100-pin, high-density to two 50-pin IDC, 10 ft.
C100FF-15 Cable, 50-conductor ribbon, 100-pin, high-density to two 50-pin IDC, 15 ft.
C100FF-3 Cable, 50-conductor ribbon, 100-pin, high-density to two 50-pin IDC, 3 ft.
C100FF-4 Cable, 50-conductor ribbon, 100-pin, high-density to two 50-pin IDC, 4 ft.
C100FF-5 Cable, 50-conductor ribbon, 100-pin, high-density to two 50-pin IDC, 5 ft.
C100FF-50 Cable, 50-conductor ribbon, 100-pin, high-density to two 50-pin IDC, 50 ft.
C37FF-2 Cable, 37-conductor ribbon, female to female, 2 ft.
More Options...
C37FF-10 Cable, 37-conductor ribbon, female to female, 10 ft.
C37FFS-5 Cable, 37-conductor shielded, female to female molded connectors, 5 ft.
More Options...
C37FFS-10 Cable, 37-conductor shielded, female to female molded connectors, 10 ft.
CIO-MINI37 Universal screw-terminal board, 37-pin (view dimensional drawing)
CIO-MINI37-VERT Universal screw-terminal board, 37-pin D male connector, vertical
CIO-MINI50 Universal screw-terminal board, 50-pin (view dimensional drawing)
CIO-TERM100 Universal screw-terminal board, 100 terminals, for use with high-density digital I/O boards, positions for pull-up resistors (view dimensional drawing)
C-PCPOWER-Y Cable, Y splitter for other PCPOWER cables.
SCB-37 Signal connection box, 37-conductor, shielded
SCB-50 Signal connection box, two independent (side-by-side) sets of 50 screw terminals, each connected one-to-one to a 50-pin header for ribbon cable mating
DASYLab® LITE DASYLab精简版提供所有驱动程序、不含分析功能、包含有限的模块数和1个布局窗口
More Options...
DASYLab® BASIC DASYLab普通版提供所有驱动程序、所有标准模块(不提供信号分析和操作模块)和1个布局窗口
DASYLab® FULL DASYLab完整版提供所有驱动程序、所有标准模块、200个布局窗口和控制定序器
DASYLab® PRO DASYLab专业版提供所有驱动程序、DASYLab完整版版本,以及所有附加模块(无第三方模块)
DASYLab® RUNTIME DASYLab Runtime允许您在另一台计算机上(硬件配置兼容)运行现有工作表应用程序
TracerDAQ® Pro 开箱即用的虚拟仪器套件,集成带状图、示波器、函数发生器和速率发生器 – 专业版

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November 08, 2016
Good Product

This board does a really good job in our application.

  • Job Title: Planner/Buyer
  • Industry: Manufacturing ID systems
  • Application:
  • From: Circleville Ohio
  • Company Size: 1-100
  • Software Used: C++/C#/VB

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Yes, I recommend this product!

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No cards seem to support 64-bit Matlab. Are there software drivers for this? If not, are there any plans to support this in the future? I ask because I have a piece of hardware that has ONLY 64-bit Matlab support and I can't find a PCIe card that has this

  • Job Title:
  • Industry:
  • Application: Adaptive Optics
41 months ago
BMCMike Boston


Hello BMCMike - Currently there is on 32-bit support for Measurement Computing products in MATLAB. We're investigating the path to 64-bit support. Supported products are posted on the following page and any updates will be posted here: http://www.mccdaq.com/daq-software/MATLAB-Support.aspx

41 months ago

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Trying to get interrupted whenever a bit value becomes high, for C++ Windows application. Does the driver and API support it?

  • Job Title: Engineer
  • Industry:
  • Application:
25 months ago
Ken San Diego, CA


Our Universal Library API does have support for an interrupt call back event. Unfortunately, the PCIe-DIO96H is not included under the supported hardware for that function/method call. For interrupt call back support, please refer to our PCI-DIO24 family of products.

25 months ago
Measurement Computing

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I was wondering what the speed of individual lines is (i.e. how many MHz will a single line switch at) and what the total data through-put of the board is (how many megabytes per second can be output or input through this board). Also, can the board be co

  • Job Title:
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  • Application:
46 months ago


Hello Neal, Thank you for your inquiry. The USB-DIO96H is not designed for high speed data I/O. It is software polled and relies on the PC for updating the digital bits. The below Knowledgebase article pertains to USB digital I/O. http://kb.mccdaq.com/KnowledgebaseArticle50176.aspx?Keywords=Digital Although not listed, the same pertains to the USB-DIO96H with regards to speed. For a true high speed digital I/O unit, take a look at our multifunction USB-1616HS device. http://www.mccdaq.com/usb-data-acquisition/USB-1616HS.aspx

46 months ago

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Included Software

  • TracerDAQ® for acquiring and displaying data and generating signals
  • InstaCalTM software utility for installing, configuration, and testing
  • Universal Library includes support for Visual Studio® and Visual Studio®.NET, including examples for Visual C++®, Visual C#®, and Visual Basic®.NET
  • ULx for NI LabVIEWTM Library of VIs and example programs to speed your NI LabVIEW development
  • Linux® Support for MCC DAQ products

Optional Software

  • DASYLab®2016 Software lets you interactively develop PC-based data acquisition applications by simply attaching functional icons
  • TracerDAQ®Pro - Out-of-the-box virtual instrument suite with strip chart, oscilloscope, function generator, and rate generator – professional version
  • MATLAB® Support for MCC Products - Software Environment for Data Acquisition, Data Analysis, and Application Development




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