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Included ActiveX/COM-Based Applications Program Interface

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Key Highlights

Save/Load feature allows acquisition configurations to be saved and loaded by the same or other applications

Synchronize multiple devices from one application

Data formatting options include raw binary, engineering units and mx+b scaling on a per channel basis

Programming templates allow you to quickly develop your application from IOtech-generated templates

Obtain HTML-style, context-sensitive help on any property or method quickly and easily

View documentation on-line from the Visual Studio environment for easy access

Supported Windows® Operating Systems: Windows 7/Vista/XP SP2,
32-bit or 64-bit

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DaqCOM Included ActiveX/COM-based applications program interface for IOtech?fs WaveBook, and Daq products

Product Reviews

Product Q & A

DaqCOM is a family of powerful programming tools for IOtech?fs WaveBook, and Daq products. DaqCOM uses Microsoft®?fs Component Object Model (COM) to provide a host of features for users who are developing custom applications with IOtech data acquisition products. DaqCOM can be used with any COM-compatible language, including Visual Basic®, VBA®, and Visual C++ operating under Windows®, as well as Visual Studio® .NET.*

DaqCOM provides the ability to develop COM-based applications. Once compiled, an unlimited number of run-time applications can be generated from one license, royalty free.

The DaqCOM networking features provides enterprise-wide access to an unlimited number of IOtech Ethernet products anywhere on the network. The networking feature automatically buffers acquired data on the PC to which the data acquisition device is attached, insuring that acquired data is not lost due to network transmission delays. DaqCOM also has a device inventory feature that queries for the presence of IOtech devices anywhere on the network.

DaqCOM allows one PC to have access to an unlimited number of data acquisition devices on the network. Once compiled, an unlimited number of run-time copies can be generated, royalty free. DaqCOM will automatically search for all data acquisition devices and modules configured on your LAN and make them available for configuration and use.

* DaqCOM support for Windows.NET is accomplished by utilizing the COM interoperability layer included with VisualStudio.NET