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Time and Frequency Domain Post-Acquisition Data Viewing Software

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Key Highlights

Up to 8 time domain function windows which can be tiled by the user for easy display customization

Up to 16 channel traces can be displayed in each time domain function window

Single and dual cursors to easily interpret individual data points

Window, trace, and cursor colors can be customized for user preference

Displayed data is automatically scaled to optimally fit function window

Frequency domain analysis and display

Supported Windows® Operating Systems: Windows 7/Vista/XP SP2,
32-bit or 64-bit

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PostView Time and frequency domain post-acquisition data viewing software package integrated and ready to use from within all View packages

Product Reviews

Product Q & A

Doing signal processing with TracerDAQ.

What software do you recommend in order to do FFT analysis on data that has been gathered from an MCC ADC using TracerDAQ "Stripchart"? Specifically using the MCC 2404-10. I can use a spreadsheet program but am looking for something more straight-forward.

Job Title: Owner
Industry: Electric Power
Application: Signal Sensing

41 months ago

Walt Denver

Hello Walt, For MCC analog input devices, such as the USB-2404-10, no free FFT software is offered. The Basic version of DASYLab can be used to both collect the data and perform FFTs.

41 months ago


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Use of PostView with TracerDAQ software

What format should a data recording be saved with in TracerDAQ so it can be imported into PostView? Postview seems to be looking for "Iotech File" format. TracerDAQ "stripchart" can save in .csv, .osh or .txt. None of which seems compatible with PostView.

Job Title: Owner
Industry: Electric Power
Application: Signal Sensing

41 months ago

Walt Denver

PostView was specifically designed to view data files collected with IOtech branded DAQ hardware and DaqView/WaveView. TracerDAQ was designed to view and collected data with MCC brand DAQ hardware. No interoperability between the two software packages is planned.

41 months ago


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Can this sofware be purchased as a seperate item?

To make it possible to view WAVEBOOK data on desk top PC

Job Title: Senior design engineer
Industry: Mining
Application: data viewing

44 months ago

smudge Wigan, UK

Hi Smudge - PostView is available at no charge and is available for download from our FTP site:

44 months ago


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PostView is a time and frequency domain post-acquisition data viewing package which is integrated and ready to use from within your View package when you install it. PostView provides easy to use basic time and frequency domain data viewing for IOtech data acquisition View packages including DaqView, WaveView, Personal DaqView, LogView, and ChartView.

Frequency Domain Analysis. PostView provides advanced signal processing and analysis features in an easy-to-use and intuitive graphical environment. Setup is easy with intuitive configuration dialogs. Useful analysis information is also provided in the PostView Scope display status bar. PostView includes Windowed time functions such as Blackman, Blackman-Harris, Cosine Tapered, Exact Blackman, Exponential, Flat Top, Force, Hamming, Hanning, and Kaiser Windowing functions.

In addition, advanced digital filtering is included with PostView. Bessel, Butterworth, Chebyshev, Elliptic, EquiRipple, Inverse Chebyshev, Kaiser and Windowed FIR for Band Pass, Stop Band, High- and Low-Pass Filters are provided. Filter Cutoff Frequencies are also configurable via an easy to understand dialog.

PostView offers a rich selection of Frequency Transforms including FFT, Fast Hartley, Fast Hilbert, and Power Spectrum. When in this mode the status bar reflects Minimum, Maximum, Peak, and Power calculations.

Also included are spectrum analysis functions such as Auto Spectrum, Amplitude Spectrum, Phase Spectrum, and a Harmonic Analyzer. When in this mode, the status bar reflects AC and DC component, Frequency Peak, Power, and THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) calculations. Linear and DB scaling is user selectable.