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Measurement Computing

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Data Acquisition Companion Software   DASYLab DAQ Software

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MCC Data Acquisition Software Selection Guide

General Purpose Software for Non-Programmers
DAQami DAQami – Data Acquisition Companion Software
• Easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface
• Generate signals from analog, digital,
  and counter/timer output channels
• Export acquired data to a .csv file for
  graphing and analysis
DASYLab DASYLab® – Icon-Based DAQ Software
• Create complex applications in minimal
  time without programming
• Build worksheets using graphical icons
• Implements real-time operations
TracerDAQ TracerDAQ and TracerDAQ PRO
Out-of-the-Box virtual instrument suite
• No programming required
• Acquire, analyze, display data, and
  generate signals within seconds
• TraceDAQ included with most hardware
Hardware Specific Software for Non-Programmers
DAQLog DAQLog – Data Logging Software
• Create or edit a settings file (*.set)
• Deploy a settings file to SD memory card
  or via logger device
• Convert logged data files (*.dat)
• Included with LGR-5320 Series
USB-5100 Series Software USB-5100 Series Software
• Configure, launch, perform data read out
• Display logger status and current readings
• Plot, filter, and export logger data
• Create and save custom graphs to a file
• Included with USB-5100 Series loggers
USB-500 Series Software USB-500/600 Series Software
• Provides the ability to set data rates,
  alarms, and start/stop times
• Easily display, graph, and save data
• Save data in .csv to import into Excel®
• Included with USB-500/600 Series loggers
WiFi Sensor Software WiFi Sensor Software
• Set up multiple devices for PC-based or
  Cloud-based data storage
• View data in graph or tabular format
• Audible software alarm
• Included with WiFi-500 Sensor Series
DAQ Software for Programmers
NI LabVIEW NI LabVIEW™ Support
• Includes Library, VIs, and examples
• Graphical functions comprise all the
  power of Universal Library and InstaCal™
• Included with most MCC hardware
• Data acquisition, analysis, and application
• Included support for most MCC products
• MATLAB Data Acquisition Toolbox™
Universal Library Universal Library
• Programming support for C®, C++®, C#®,
  Visual Basic®, and Visual Basic .NET™
• Common function calls for most MCC hardware
• Identical functions for each language
• Included with most MCC hardware
Linux Linux Support
• Open-source Linux drivers
• Support for most MCC USB and
  PCI hardware
UL for Android Universal Library for Android™
• Develop apps for use on Android tablets
  and smartphones
• Includes example projects and demo apps
• Uses the same high-level functions as
  Universal Library
• Included with select MCC DAQ devices
IOtech Out-of-the-Box Software

Included Out-of-the-Box ActiveX/COM-Based
Applications Program Interface for IOtech’s
Daq Series products and WaveBook/516E
Personal DaqView Personal DaqView
Included Out-of-the-Box Spreadsheet-Style Setup,
Data Acquisition, and Display Software for the
Personal Daq/50 Series
DaqView DaqView
Included Out-of-the-Box Spreadsheet-Style Setup,
Data Acquisition, and Display Software for IOtech's
Daq Series products and Personal Daq/3000 Series
PostView PostView
Time and Frequency Domain Post-Acquisition
Software included with IOtech Out-of-the-Box
Software Packages
Encore Encore
Included Out-of-the-Box Software for the
6000 Series Voltage and Strain
Measurement Modules
WaveView WaveView
Included Out-of-the-Box Data Acquisition Software
for the WaveBook/516E and StrainBook/616