MCC 128

树莓派®电压测试模块, 16-bit, 100 kS/s


MCC 128数据采集模块(HAT)提供8通道单端或4通道差分模拟电压输入,基于树莓派的数据采集/数据记录系统。它提供16位分辨率和多档可选量程——高精度测试的理想选择

每张MCC 128最大采样率为100kS/s,可以进行单电压点和电压波形采集。最多可在单块树莓派上叠加8个MCC 128模块——提供64通道的数据采集,最大总采样率可达320kS/s

所有MCC的HAT模块,均提供开源且易于使用的C/C++®和Python™ 函数库和范例,让您可以快速搭建稳定可靠的测试测量系统。

注:树莓派不包含在MCC 128内。

通道数量 分辨率 最高采样率
8 SE/4 DIFF 16-bit 100 kS/s
采样方式 量程 隔离
多路复用 ±10 V, ±5 V, ±2 V, ±1 V
通道数量 分辨率 速度
通道数量 计数器/定时器 编码器
软件 供电
操作系统支持 驱动 供电
Linux®, Raspbian® DAQ HAT Library™ 由树莓派提供支持

Part Number Description
MCC 128
SKU: 6069-410-001
基于树莓派的电压测量DAQ HAT,8路单端/4路差分模拟输入, 16位分辨率,100kS/s采样率
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Product Reviews

What variables are used to calculate the buffer size?

  • Job Title: engineer
  • Industry:
  • Application:
14 months ago


The buffer size is allocated based on whether it’s a finite or continuous scan. For a finite scan, the buffer allocated is the number of samples in the scan. For continuous, its based on the selected sample rate. More information on this topic is available at:

14 months ago
Measurement Computing

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Hello, I am looking at your specifications. Can you please tell me if my math is correct? I would like to know the maximum sample rate in ms of the Data Acquisition if I have 64 Analog Input Channels. (((320,000 Samples/s)/(64 Channels))*(0.001 s/ms))*(ms/Sample) = 0.2 ms/(Sample*64Chanels). So for 64 Channels the sample rate or (scan time) would be 0.2ms . Is this correct?

  • Job Title: Controls Engineer
  • Industry: Energy
  • Application: Controls
22 months ago
Michael Ignite Richmond, VA


Yes, your calculations are correct. Sample rate in mSec for 64 channels will be 0.2 mSec per channel (5000 Hz). Please take into account that the load on the Raspberry Pi processor can affect the overall sample rate. For optimal results it is recommended that you use a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ or Raspberry Pi 4.

22 months ago
Measurement Computing

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Can we reach the 100kS/s on a single channel, or on multiple channel ?

  • Job Title: Tech
  • Industry:
  • Application:
24 months ago
Gab7384 Belgium


The MCC 128 has a max sample rate for a single board of 100kS/sec. This is for a single channel or multiple channels. If multiple channels are to be used, divide the sample rate by the number of channels to calculate your per channel rate.

24 months ago
Measurement Computing

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Is there a low pass filter before the ADC to prevent aliasing of the analog input signal?

  • Job Title: Enginer
  • Industry: Recreational Equipment
  • Application: equipment testing
24 months ago
cc Bend, Or


Hello - no, there are no anti-aliasing filters built into the MCC 128.

24 months ago
Measurement Computing

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Included Software

  • DAQ HAT Library Open-Source Library for C/C++ and Python and programming examples are available for download here

Safety, Environmental, and Regulatory Information (SERI)    download


MCC DAQ HAT Library documentation      download

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