MCC 152


树莓派®电压信号输出和数字IO HAT模块


MCC 152 这款基于树莓派的电压信号输出和数字IO HAT模块,提供2路模拟输出和8路数字I/O12位电压信号输出更新速率可达5 kS/s最多可将8MCC HAT堆叠到一个树莓派上。

所有MCCHAT模块,均提供开源且易于使用的C/C++®Python™ 函数库和范例,让您可以快速搭建稳定可靠的测试测量系统。

注:树莓派不包含在MCC 152内。

通道数量 分辨率 速度
2 12-bit 5 kS/s — SW paced
通道数量 计数器/定时器 编码器
软件 供电
操作系统支持 驱动 供电
Linux®, Raspbian® DAQ HAT Library™ 树莓派提供3.3 V供电

Part Number Description
MCC 152
SKU: 6069-410-003
基于树莓派的电压输出和数字输入输出DAQ HAT,2路模拟输出通道和8路数字I/O。
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MCC 152
January 27, 2021
Quick to Setup and Example Files Easy to Implement

I bought an MCC 152 HAT to control a Sorenson high power, power supply. It required analog 0-5V DC inputs in order to automate voltage and current settings. The MCC 152 hat allowed a Pi based control software of the power supply to automatically change voltage based on the input signal from the HAT board. 12 bits was plenty of resolution for my application.

  • Job Title: PhD
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  • From: Boulder, CO
  • Company Size: 1-100
  • Software Used: Python

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Yes, I recommend this product!

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MCC 152
January 23, 2020
Another Great Hat by MCC

First one worked so well, I had to buy another one. Support has been great for someone new to Python and the Raspberry Pi (Like Me). One project complete, one to the next!

  • Job Title: Test Engineering Tech
  • Industry:
  • Application: Pressure control
  • From: MA
  • Company Size: 5000*
  • Software Used: Python

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Yes, I recommend this product!

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I'd like to pass 5VDC on to a low current device. I'm not sure if the VIO is the answer.

  • Job Title: Test Enginer
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  • Application:
36 months ago
Kawski MA


The VIO output is a general purpose 5 volt or 3.3 volt output (depends on W3 jumper setting). Care must be taken to stay within the Raspberry Pi current limits.

36 months ago
Measurement Computing

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Included Software

  • DAQ HAT Library Open-Source Library for C/C++ and Python and programming examples are available for download here

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MCC DAQ HAT Library documentation      download

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