MCC Signal Conditioning Selection Guide

5B and 8B signal conditioning modules can be ordered from Dataforth:
SSR modules can be ordered from the manufacturers below:
MCC Part# Grayhill Part# WRC Akron Part#
SSR-4-IAC-05 1781-IA5Q
SSR-4-IAC-05A 1781-IM5Q
SSR-4-IDC-05 1781-IB5Q
SSR-4-IDC-05NP 1781-IN5Q
SSR-4-OAC-05 1781-OA5Q
SSR-4-OAC-05A 1781-OM5Q
SSR-4-ODC-05 1781-OB5Q
SSR-4-ODC-05A 1781-OC5Q
SSR-IAC-05 70-IAC5 1781-IA5S
SSR-IAC-05A 70-IAC5A 1781-IM5S
SSR-IDC-05 70-IDC5 1781-IB5S
SSR-IDC-05B 70-IDC5B 1781-IT5S
SSR-IDC-05NP 70-IDC5NP 1781-IN5S
SSR-OAC-05 70-OAC5 1781-OA5S
SSR-OAC-05A 70-OAC5A 1781-OC5S
SSR-OAC-05RLY 70-OAC5R 1781-RO5S
SSR-OAC-5A5 70-OAC5A 1781-OC5S
SSR-ODC-05 70-ODC5 1781-OB5S
SSR-ODC-05A 70-ODC5A 1781-OL5S
SSR-ODC-05B 70-ODC5B 1781-OFYS
Part Number Description


Solid-State Relay Racks
SKU: 6069-410-069
Solid-state relay backplane (Gordos/OPTO-22 type relays), 24-channel
User's Manual User Manual
SKU: 6069-410-070
Solid-state relay backplane (quad type relays) with 50-pin connectors, 48-channel (12 quads)
User's Manual User Manual
Electromechanical Relay Racks
SKU: 6069-410-203
Electromechanical relay accessory, Form C, 4.3 A (SPDT) for DIO48, 96, and 192, 50-pin connector, 48 channels
User's Manual User Manual