E-DIO24 系列




通道数 计数器/定时器 编码器输入
24 1/—
软件 电源
操作系统支持 驱动 电源
Windows®, Android™, and Linux® Universal Library™ SW Suite 外部

Part Number Description Qty
E-DIO24 数字输入输出设备, 基于以太网, 24通道和1路计数器输入。
E-DIO24-OEM 数字输入输出设备, 基于以太网, 24通道和1路计数器输入。OEM版本无外壳和螺栓端子,有插头插座连接器。
Accessories & Cables
PS-5V1AEPS Replacement power supply, 5-watt, for E-1608, and E-DIO24 - interchangeable plugs available separately
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Australia Plug Australian interchangeable plug for power supplies
Europe Plug European interchangeable plug for power supplies
UK Plug UK interchangeable plug for power supplies
US Plug US interchangeable plug for power supplies
ACC-205 DIN-rail kit for BTH-1208LS, E-1608, E-DIO24, and USB-200 Series
DASYLab® LITE 基于图标的数据采集、图形、控制和分析软件
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DASYLab® BASIC 基于图标的数据采集、图形、控制和分析软件
DASYLab® FULL 基于图标的数据采集、图形、控制和分析软件
DASYLab® PRO 基于图标的数据采集、图形、控制和分析软件
DASYLab® RUNTIME 基于图标的数据采集、图形、控制和分析软件
TracerDAQ® Pro 开箱即用的虚拟仪器套件,集成带状图、示波器、函数发生器和速率发生器 – 专业版
DAQami™ v4.2.1 数据采集与信号生成的应用软件
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Product Reviews

I looked at the Linux driver source code and it seems to support getting and setting the binary inputs and outputs (as well as various memory operations), but I couldn't see anything regarding the counter value.

  • Job Title: Software Engineer
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54 months ago
Matt TN


Hello Matt - An updated driver is now available at the link below: ftp://lx10.tx.ncsu.edu/pub/Linux/drivers/Ethernet/

54 months ago
Measurement Computing

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Thank you for pointing this out. We have since contacted the 3rd party developer of this driver to provide him with additional info so that he can add this feature.

54 months ago
Measurement Computing

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I need to use the Ethernet for control but I don't have good access to power can I use the V-Bus power from my USB, my hub is rated for .5 A per port.

  • Job Title: Test Engineer
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56 months ago
Ian NY


The E-DIO24 typically requires 0.160A (No load) and a maximum of 0.840A, which includes all external loading. At 0.5A you risk overloading your hub when the E-DIO24 is under load.

56 months ago
Measurement Computing

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  • Job Title: Owner
  • Industry: Entertainment
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56 months ago


The Ethernet connection used on our E-DIO24 is a “10/100mbps auto-negotiate” connection. Since we use “auto-negotiate” we do not specify a nominal rate. What I believe you are questioning is how fast can you update the digital I/O on the E-DIO24. The E-DIO24’s digital I/O transfer rate is system paced i.e. software timed. Based on our bench testing of the E-DIO24 we typically experienced transfer rates between 1000-5000 read/writes per second.

56 months ago
Measurement Computing

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Is Modbus TCP supported? I would like to use these with a Modicon/Schneider Electric PLC.

  • Job Title: Engineer
  • Industry: System Integration
  • Application: None yet
64 months ago
Gordy Clearfield UT


Hello - All access to the E-DIO24 is through our programmer’s API (the Universal Library), or via an application based on it. Modbus TCP Is not supported, as we do not document the communications at the Ethernet bus level.

64 months ago
Measurement Computing

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Included Software

  • TracerDAQ® for acquiring and displaying data and generating signals
  • InstaCalTM software utility for installing, configuration, and testing
  • Universal Library includes support for Visual Studio® and Visual Studio®.NET, including examples for Visual C++®, Visual C#®, and Visual Basic®.NET
  • ULx for NI LabVIEWTM Library of VIs and example programs to speed your NI LabVIEW development
  • Universal Library for Android® includes support and examples for the Android 3.1 platform (API level 12) and later
  • Linux® Support for MCC DAQ products

Optional Software

  • DAQamiTM - data acquisition companion software for acquiring data and generating signals
  • DASYLab®2020 Software lets you interactively develop PC-based data acquisition applications by simply attaching functional icons
  • TracerDAQ®Pro - Out-of-the-box virtual instrument suite with strip chart, oscilloscope, function generator, and rate generator – professional version

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