DAQami™ Advanced Data Logging Application

Norton, MA – August 27, 2014 – Measurement Computing Corporation, the value leader in data acquisition, today announced the release of DAQami, an advanced data logging application which allows users to quickly and easily acquire, view, and log data from MCC USB DAQ devices.

DAQami delivers the fastest time to measurement for most MCC hardware. In less than 5 minutes after installing DAQami and plugging in a DAQ device, users can create an automatic configuration and acquire live data.

Data can be acquired in volts and degrees, as well as custom units with linear scaling. Channels can be viewed on any combination of scalar, strip, and block displays. Once data is acquired and logged, DAQami can be used to review the saved data file.

The DAQami user interface is flexible and provides the ability to customize display size and location, zoom factor, and channel/trace colors. Users can configure MCC DAQ hardware within the application, selecting sam¬pling rate, start and stop triggers, and sample count.

DAQami Highlights:
  • Out-of-the-box software to acquire, view, and log data
  • Configure device, channel, and acquisition options
  • View analog input or temperature data on any combination of scalar, strip, and block displays
  • Customize display size and location, zoom factor, and channel/trace colors
  • Export data to a .csv file
  • Support for Microsoft® Windows 8/7/Vista®

DAQami currently supports over 40 MCC hardware devices including the $99, 100 kS/s, USB-201 DAQ device.

DAQami is available for only $49 when purchased with MCC DAQ hardware.

For complete information on DAQami including a list of supported USB DAQ devices, visit: www.mccdaq.com/DAQami

About Measurement Computing
Measurement Computing is the market leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of value-priced data acquisition hardware, and test and measurement software solutions for both programmers and non-programmers. We offer high-quality, reliable products, backed by one-year limited warranties and a harsh environment program.More information about Measurement Computing is available on the Web at www.mccdaq.com.

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