DaqBook/2000 Series


基于以太网的16位、200 kHz数据采集系统


The DaqBook/2000 Series of Ethernet data acquisition (DAQ) systems provide synchronous analog, frequency, and digital functions. Each device supports thermocouple input, signal conditioning, and channel expansion. Up to four analog outputs are available. Optional DBK signal conditioning for multiple sensor types and channel expansion.

通道数 分辨率 最大采样率 采样
多达16路差分可扩展至256路 16-位 200 kS/s 复采样
范围 隔离
±10 V, ±5 V, ±2.5 V, ±1.25 V, ±625 mV, ±312.5 mV, ±156 mV
热电偶 RTD 桥式 电压
DBK 选项 DBK 选项 DBK 选项 所有
通道数 分辨率 速度
多达4路 16-位 高达 100 kS/s
数字 I/O
通道数 计数器/定时器 编码器
多达40路 4/2
软件 电源
操作系统支持 驱动 电源
Windows® DaqCOM™ 外部

Part Number Description Qty
DaqBook/2001 基于以太网的200 kHz数据采集系统,集成16路SE/8路DE输入(可扩展至256路)、40个DIO、4个CTR、4路模拟输出
DaqBook/2005 基于以太网的200 kHz数据采集系统,集成16路SE/8路DE输入(可扩展至256路)、40个DIO和4个CTR
Signal Conditioning Options
DBK209 Screw-terminal adapter board with P1, P2, and P3 analog and digital expansion ports
close More Options...     Data Sheet Data Sheet    User's Manual User Manual   
DBK4 2-channel dynamic signal input card
Data Sheet Data Sheet    User's Manual User Manual   
DBK90 56-channel thermocouple input module
Data Sheet Data Sheet    User's Manual User Manual   
Accessories & Cables
CA-115 5-pin male DIN to 5-pin male DIN, 6 in.
CA-116 5-pin DIN to automobile cigarette lighter power cable, 8 ft.
CA-242 Ethernet patch cable, 0.457 meter (1.5 ft.)
CA-242-7 Ethernet patch cable, 2.133 meter (7 ft.)
CA-255-4T Molded T expansion cable, 4 in.
CA-37-1 Ribbon cable for use with 1 DBK device attached, 7 in.
More Options...
CA-37-2 Ribbon cable for use with two DBK devices attached
CA-37-3 Ribbon cable for use with three DBK devices attached
CA-37-4 Ribbon cable for use with four DBK devices attached
CA-37-5 Ribbon cable for use with five DBK devices attached
RackDBK-1 Rack-mount kit for 2U case
RackDBK3 Rack-mount kit for 1U case
745690-J001 J-type thermocouple wire, fiberglass (0 °C to 482 °C, 32 °F to 900 °F) 1 m
More Options...
745690-J002 J-type thermocouple wire, fiberglass (0 °C to 482 °C, 32 °F to 900 °F) 2 m
745690-K001 K-type thermocouple wire, fiberglass (0 °C to 482 °C, 32 °F to 900 °F) 1 m
745690-K002 K-type thermocouple wire, fiberglass (0 °C to 482 °C, 32 °F to 900 °F) 2 m
745690-T002 T-type thermocouple wire, fiberglass (0 °C to 260 °C, 32 °F to 500 °F) 2 m
745691-01 3-wire, 100 ohm RTD, sealed with alumina tube, 1 m
More Options...
745691-02 3-wire, 100 ohm RTD, platinum (ready made), 2 m
DASYLab® LITE 基于图标的数据采集、图形、控制和分析软件
More Options...
DASYLab® BASIC 基于图标的数据采集、图形、控制和分析软件
DASYLab® FULL 基于图标的数据采集、图形、控制和分析软件
DASYLab® PRO 基于图标的数据采集、图形、控制和分析软件
DASYLab® RUNTIME 基于图标的数据采集、图形、控制和分析软件

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June 21, 2013
Good product and from wide use to a suitable price

Years of use have demonstrated the great capacity for register diversely types of signs in field or in laboratory, as his facility of forming his modules according to the requirements of user. His software Daqview is easy to use this way since also it is easy to programme it with Labview.

  • Job Title: Laboratory head
  • Industry: Education
  • Application: register of dynamic or static signs in field or laboratory
  • From: Santiago, Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile
  • Company Size: 1-100
  • Software Used: Other

  • Ease of use
  • Value
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Yes, I recommend this product!

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Included Software

  • DaqCOM ActiveX/COM-Based Applications Program Interface
  • DaqView Out-of-the-Box Software for IOtech DAQ Series, and Personal Daq/3000 Series
  • PostView Time and Frequency Domain Post-Acquisition Data Viewing Software

Optional Software

  • DASYLab®2020 Software lets you interactively develop PC-based data acquisition applications by simply attaching functional icons

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