MCC Power Adapters Selection Guide

Part Number Description
Australia Plug
SKU: 6069-300-000
Australian interchangeable plug for power supplies
Europe Plug
SKU: 6069-300-001
European interchangeable plug for power supplies
SKU: 6069-300-012
Replacement power supply, 5-watt, for E-1608, and E-DIO24 - interchangeable plugs available separately
SKU: 6069-300-010
Replacement power supply, 12-watt, for TC-32, USB-1602HS Series, USB-1604HS Series, USB-1608HS Series, USB-2416 Series, USB-3110, USB-3112, USB-3114, WEB-TEMP, WEB-TC - plugs available separately
SKU: 6069-300-011
Replacement power supply, 15-watt, for USB-DIO96H, USB-DIO96H/50 - interchangeable plugs available separately
SKU: 6069-300-006
Replacement power supply, 9V, for USB-2523, USB-2527, USB-2533, and USB-2537; requires additional cable, CA-1 (US) or CA-216 (EU)
UK Plug
SKU: 6069-300-002
UK interchangeable plug for power supplies
US Plug
SKU: 6069-300-013
US interchangeable plug for power supplies
SKU: 6069-300-005
Replacement 230 V power supply, 9 V output, for LGR-5320 Series, SwitchAndSense-8/8, USB-2020, USB-ERB08, USB-PDISO8, USB-PDISO8/40, USB-SSR08, USB-SSR24, WebDAQ Series - interchangeable plugs available separately